Building materials ceramic industry with high-grade Mullite light heat insulation bricks
Mullite bonded cordierite, corundum mullite series combination of hole brick
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Lightweight thermal insulation castable
Plastic Refractory ramming mixes
High-temperature refractory clay
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    Plastic Refractory high quality refractory aggregate and powder, add the chemical composite combination of agents and additives, made by the preparation of a reasonable mixing. Storage after a certain time has good plasticity, is at the construction site by the construction of plastic material tamping method.
    The classification according to aggregate into clay fire-resistant, high aluminum mullite, corundum, SiC. Induration by the nature of hard and hot gas may be rigid fire-resistant plastic. High temperature, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, spalling resistance, high strength, increase heat shrink small, good thermal shock resistance.
    Heater, furnace, furnace conversion, petrochemical and other industrial boilers frequent changes in temperature industrial furnace and industrial furnace shut down part of an emergency repair.

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