Building materials ceramic industry with high-grade Mullite light heat insulation bricks
Mullite bonded cordierite, corundum mullite series combination of hole brick
Combination of mullite corundum brick burner
Lightweight thermal insulation castable
Plastic Refractory ramming mixes
High-temperature refractory clay
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    Light use high-quality thermal insulation castable lightweight aggregate and powder, add the additives and binders made mixtures, bulk density from 0.6 ~ 1.4g/cm3, use the temperature from 800 ℃ ~ 1300 ℃ for different levels. Bulk density, low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties.
    Lining integrity, long life, convenient construction, can be arbitrary shapes.
    Metallurgical industrial furnaces, heat treatment furnace. Chemical industry furnace, industrial furnace construction materials. Incinerator, circulating fluidized bed boiler.


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